Membership Benefits

Contracting with Insurance companies through the IPA:

  1. Members of SWBHIPA will have the benefit of our paid consultant, or “messenger”, who will be guiding our membership organization and contracting with insurance companies on our behalf.

  2. The contracts are made directly with the IPA.  As a member of the IPA, you will choose which contracts you do or don’t want to participate.

  3. We can panel you with most insurance plans without the need of applications and additional paperwork.

  4. No longer do you have to have individual contracts you don’t understand.  Our consultant will help you translate the contract into easily understood language and advocate for standardization of contracts.

  5. Included in the contract will be clear and defined reimbursement schedules.

  6. The IPA will provide education on contracting “Do’s and Don’ts” of contracting.

Advocacy and Education:

  1. We will keep you informed and offer you discounts on CE events offered by our members and colleagues. We support you in keeping up with changing healthcare laws and information needed to have a successful behavioral health practice.

  2. Education on reimbursement methodologies.

  3. We are involved in promoting the issues that behavioral health providers face in our state.  We are advocating for behavioral health providers so that they can provide the necessary services to help our fellow New Mexicans.


  1. Consistent and clear communication between insurance companies and providers.  If we have problems with our contract, claims, authorizations, etc., our messenger will act as intermediary for us.

  2. The IPA offers many opportunities for networking and building a strong community of quality mental health providers.

  3. SWBHIPA can assist with referrals to our practitioners.