Membership Application

You may start the application process, by clicking on the “Join Now” button.   Once the membership committee has received and verified your application, your application will be submitted to the Board for final approval.   This process typically is completed within 4 weeks.

Once approved, a fully executed copy of the Participation Agreement will be returned to you for your records.  

If you prefer to complete a paper application, please download the Application and Participation Agreement here and return the completed documents to fax 505-213-8559 or mail to SWBHIPA, PO Box 3682, Albuquerque, NM  87190-3682.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are payable at the time of application. The start date of your annual membership in the IPA will begin the month the Board of Directors approves your membership. Membership dues renewal will be each year on the month of your acceptance into the IPA. You will be sent a yearly renewal notice 30 days before your dues expire.

Full member – Annual Dues: $300.00

Applicants must hold a current professional license for independent practice in behavioral healthcare, issued by an accredited licensing board in the State of New Mexico.
Full member benefits:

  • Full members are included in the contracts the IPA negotiates with Insurance payers
  • Discounts on Continuing Education Workshops
  • One vote at the general membership meetings
  • Networking opportunities

Agency Membership – Please contact SWBHIPA for determination of dues

This category is for Agency/group practices of 2 or more clinicians who operate under one tax ID#. (Contact us for Agency membership dues information.)

Associate member - Annual Dues: $50.00

Associate membership is for behavioral health providers who are working toward an independent, professional behavioral health license in the State of New Mexico, and who are under supervision by a qualified, fully-licensed practitioner. These are clinicians who want to support the IPA, and who wish to receive the networking and educational benefits. Associate members are not eligible to sign IPA contracts.
Associate member benefits:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Discounts on Continuing Education Workshops

Affiliate member annual dues: $80.00

Applicants must hold a current professional license for independent practice in behavioral health care, issued by an accredited licensing board in the State of New Mexico.  Affiliate members have voting rights and may enjoy all privileges of membership except for participation in insurance contracts available through the organization.

Payment Methods:

You may pay online or you may make your check payable to SWBHIPA and send your check to:
PO BOX 3682
ALBQUERQUE, NM  87190-3682

If you have any questions or need to discuss quarterly payment options (there are additional fees for this option), contact our accountant, Melissa Padilla, at


What happens if I decide not to join after I have submitted my application or renew my membership?

SWBHIPA has an initial 30 day period in which you can change your mind for a full refund.  After that time, dues will be assessed annually.  There will be no partial refunds given if withdrawal occurs mid-year.

If I decide not to renew my Membership in the future, what happens to my IPA contracts?

If you should decide to discontinue your membership with SWBHIPA, you will be terminated from the SWBHIPA contracts and you will need to contract directly with any of the insurance contracts that you were participating in through SWBHIPA. This may entail submitting new applications or letters of intent with the insurance companies, possibly going through their credentialing process again.  You will need to negotiate and execute direct contracts with the insurance companies.  Again, you will need to reapply and negotiate a direct contract with any of the insurance companies with which you want to continue participation. 

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