Founding Members

The following people, our Founding Members, came together in support of the IPA at its inception. Through their support, the IPA was able to fund its initial growth. We are grateful for their confidence in the idea of an IPA. It is these visionary people who stepped forward when the IPA was only a concept, and who could see the possibilities of what the IPA could become.

Russell Adams, LISW
Janet Bailey, LMFT
Bruce Balto, LISW
Tom Bender, LPCC
Daniel Best, LPCC, LMFT
Jan Boyer, LPCC
Maggie Carter, LISW
Rosemary Clarke, LPCC
Gloria Coequyt, LPCC
Sherry Courtney, LPCC
Lyssa Danehy, LISW
Genevieve Davidge, LISW
Beverly Davies, LPCC, LMFT
Genevieve Davis, LPCC
Martha Davis, LPCC, LMFT
Chuck Dawson, LMFT
Sean Downes, LISW
Carolyn Earnest, APRN
Raylah Etlantus, LPCC
Sylvie Eyral, LISW
Georgena Felicia, LPCC, LMFT
Lillian Fiorentino, LPCC
Ellen Fox, LISW
Jeannette Freeman, LPCC
Mark Ganas, APRN
Marcy Haig, LISW
Susan Harris, LPCC
Bhanu Harrison, LISW
Michele Heyman, LPCC
Lisa Johnson, LMFT, PhD
Anna Katherine, LPCC
Claire Kyllo, LISW
Suzanne Lopes, LISW
Stephanie Luna, LMFT
Carol MacHendrie, LISW
Gilles Marchal, LPCC
Marguerite McClure, LPCC
Elaine Meizlish, LISW
Connie Merrell-McDonald, LPCC, LPAT, LADAC
Bonnie Miller, LPCC
Marjie Montano, LPCC
Peggy Moore, LISW
Heather Nelson, LISW
Dana Paine, LPCC
Marge Prefontaine, LPCC
Barbara Radov, LISW
Kristin Sagert, LISW
Antionette Sandoval-Carpenter, LPCC
Jennifer Schlife, LISW
Cathy Schueler, LISW, LPAT
James Shotwell, LISW
Alice Silverstein, LMFT
Cynthia Sontag, LISW
Helene Stilman, LISW
Melinda Walker, LPCC
Kristin Wallin, LMFT
Michael Westbay, LISW
Jade Winter, LMFT
Kerri Wormwood, LPCC, LPAT