Who can join the SWBHIPA?

SWBHIPA is comprised of social workers, counselors, family therapists, art therapists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists from all over the state of New Mexico.

What are the benefits of joining SWBHIPA?

As a Member of SWBHIPA, you will have the benefit of staff who will guide our organization and assist with contracting with insurance companies on your behalf.

  • As a Member of the IPA, you will select the contracts in which you want to participate.
  • Our consultant staff will assist Members in understanding the IPA contract language and advocate for standardization of contracts.
  • Included in the contract will be clear and defined reimbursement schedules.
  • The IPA will provide education on contracting and balloting.
  • The IPA offers many opportunities for networking and building a strong community of quality mental health providers, to which you can belong and refer.

What if I am not currently on any insurance panels?

SWBHIPA Members have access to the IPA contracts (subject to some limitations due to plan imposed network closures). If you choose to panel with one of the contracts the IPA works with, we will assist you with the application process, most of which can be done without completing the MCO’s applications.

How does contracting work?

When you are approved by the Board to join the IPA, you will be given access to our provider portal.  There, you can review our current contracts (some reimbursement terms may be restricted, as those can be proprietary and individual.)  Once you have reviewed those that you are interested in, you can choose which ones you would like to join. This process is called “balloting.” Your ballot is not accessible to other providers and only seen by IPA staff, who work directly with the insurance companies.

What if I want to contract directly with an insurance company the IPA is also working with?

The IPA will never discourage providers from working with payers directly. If you like the contract you have, you can keep it. You decide which IPA contracts you wish to join.

Can the IPA contract as a group?

The IPA utilizes the “Messenger Model” of negotiation, which is completely confidential, permissible and legal. We highly recommend that all Members educate themselves about antitrust issues. We have in-depth antitrust information under the tab labeled “antitrust laws” and an antitrust policy that members will sign.

How is my confidential information protected?

All information given to the IPA is strictly confidential and will not be shared with other Members or other outside companies. Member information will only be shared with Insurance Companies with whom Members choose to participate.

How will my current practice change?

Since we are a membership organization, joining the IPA does not change the way you run your practice. You will continue to operate your business as usual, using your current staff and billing personnel, tax ID, etc. You will simple enjoy the “Membership Benefits” of SWBHIPA, such as contracting, networking opportunities and education.

What kind of Continuing Education (CE) does the IPA offer?

The IPA promotes quality continuing education opportunities that are offered by our fellow members, often with discounts to our Members. The IPA focuses on updating our Members on current, timely issues that affect our practices.

If I decide not to renew my Membership in the future, what happens to my IPA contracts?

If you should decide to discontinue your Membership with the IPA, your name would be removed from all SWBHIPA contracts at the end of your Membership term. You would need to renegotiate your individual contracts with those insurance companies.

Does the IPA have any legislative power?

Besides contracting, networking and educational purposes, we have developed a legislative committee to address the issues which affect our Members.  These issues are carefully defined and approved of by the Board of Directors.

What happens if I decide not to continue or renew my Membership?

SWBHIPA has an initial 30 day period in which you can change your mind for a full refund.  After that time, dues will be assessed annually.  There will be no partial refunds given if withdrawal occurs mid-year.  If you should decide to discontinue your Membership with the IPA, you will be terminated from the SWBHIPA contracts.  You will need to reapply and negotiate a direct contract with any of the insurance companies with which you want to continue participation.