Still Joining With Professional Organizations on CE Opportunities!

Sometime ago, the SWBHIPA Board had decided to link up with organizations offering continuing education credits for our members at a discounted rate.  In 2018, the Board remains committed to this service for our members.  To help us enhance the activity, the SWBHIPA Board requests that our members:

  1. identify organizations to which they belong ,
  2. approach these organizations that offer CE and introduce  SWBHIPA, and
  3. inquire a willingness to collaborate with SWBHIPA around a discounted rate for our members attending their conferences.

Once organizations have been approached by our members and the SWBHIPA Board is apprised of these contacts, the SWBHIPA Board will follow up with an agreement  with the identified organizations and establish our willingness to promote such conferences on our website for a reduced rate for our members.

Thanks for your help in broadening our circle of partnerships.